Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New Season, New Books :) (soon...)

Hi folks :)

Well, it's spring at last in old Blighty, and it couldn't come soon enough.Winter is not my friend....

It has been a fair few months since my last post, during which I have been hard at work under my pile of blankets like the busy little, erm, polar bear (?), I am. (Can't think polar bears without thinking Fortitude...ick, ick, ick!)

The sequel to The Healer's Door is well underway, and my unaffiliated novel, The Buried and The Lost, is due to hit Kindle this summer! So keep your eyes peeled...not literally of course, that would be disgusting....

In addition to this, I have been busy doing a little life-rearranging. Feng Shui-ing my entire house (no mean feat for a place I have lived in for six years and, ahem, NEVER spring cleaned), sorting out various car issues, house issues, health issues and life issues in general, and now, the world of 'traditional' employment beckons....as if those changes to Spiral/The Healer's Door weren't nail-biting enough. After four years of working for myself (which I am still doing alongside) and being a mother, that is a slightly scary prospect. 

But, hey...there is no growth without change. But if, in six months, I start scuttling around in six inch heels with a brief-case and a harassed look like SJP in I Don't Know How She Does It, someone please shoot me. No, better yet, shoot the manufacturer of said heels. And whoever intimated it was normal for women to shoulder all the responsibility for chores and childcare without question.

So, enjoy your spring, people, and I'll keep you posted on coming books to feed your Historical Fiction fetish :) Enjoy your Easter Eggs!