Tuesday, 20 January 2015

CHANGES! *chews nails*

I hope everyone had a good Holiday Season and New Year :) It’s been a while since readers will have heard from me. A fair while...

Over the last six weeks or so, I have been busy making CHANGES.

Sounds ominous, you say? Well, in a way it has been. Stressful, maddening and slow to boot. But it’s all for the good in the long run.

What I have been making these aforementioned CHANGES to, is Spiral; The Finding.

Get this: it isn’t called Spiral; The Finding any more!

Back in early December, Spiral received a review on Amazon from a fellow Indie author on the other side of the pond (the Western side, obvs.)

This very helpful, and much appreciated, review highlighted a couple of things about the book that have never sat well with me. While it was was glowing with regard to the story and writing style, it was less so on the subject of the title and cover art.

Now, the cover art was designed by a graphic designer, so I hold up my hands in a gesture of auto-exculpation on that one. But the title has never really felt right, so I had to agree with the reviewer on that point. However, it was something I had mulled over for three years and never really found anything better. So as the publication date loomed, *grits teeth and cringes slightly* I went with it. I rather wish I hadn't.

Any-hoo, it’s all in the interests of a learning curve, this writing game. A poor book cover and title is not high on the list of most embarrassing gaffes I've made over the course of my life; walking out of the ladies’ loo with my skirt stuck in my knickers, and fake-drowning in front of a hot French life-guard, to name a couple. (Not at the same time, I might add.)

So, I have spent the last six weeks, in amongst work commitments, childcare, Christmas and various household fiddle-dee-dee, closeted away with my Think Tank (ahem, me and my husband), as we mulled over a new title, and new cover art.

Spiral; The Finding is now re-titled The Healer’s Door, which is the first part in the Spiral trilogy. It is still exactly the same book, but is now listed on Amazon with the new title and cover art, HERE.

There may still be some people out there who dislike the new title and cover for reasons best known to themselves; these things are subjective after all. But the new look sits much better with me, which is the important thing at this stage. My gut tells me I've done right on this one.

Watch the updated trailer HERE.. Hope you all like it. And; not so subtle hint; I always need reviews, every one helps. Thanks everyone J